The Gator Getter™ was invented and developed by Walter (Gator) M. Hopkins. Our Patent claims and covers any and all instant, and self collecting, fast speed road debris removal equipment. The device collects all debris from tire treads (gators) up to and including dead animals such as large deer. We eliminate the biological and blood born disease scenario associated with removing animals.
Gator Getter™ was designed to be used as fast speed highway debris removal equipment. This equipment works by scooping up debris as you are driving down the road. At regular speeds, it will push the item up and around the barrel to a collection tray which will hold it until emptied. The most important virtue will be the safety significance of not having personnel in the road to remove debris in a traffic stream, no road shut downs, no traffic slow downs.
The Gator Getter™ typically will be used on, but not limited to, all district highways, City and Municipal jurisdictions in all counties, states, and providences. Other areas may include airport runways, military bases, and aircraft carrier flight decks.
The Gator Getter™ design allows for use with existing Municipal and State Highway Department snow plow type trucks that currently have VALK and other similar push frames. As long as the operator has a keen eye and good judgement of distance, the The Gator Getter™ should be simple to use and very cost efficient in comparison to existing methods of removal in fast and congested traffic.
For more information, contact: Walter (Gator) M. Hopkins
800-522-4980 or (mobile) 540-246-1184